Comic Con 2009


Comic Con was a bucket of fun. I was expecting to have a good time but I wasn’t expecting to reconnect with an old friend and get to know so many cool people.

Jowene Wong is the coolest girl in the universe. I said it. It’s true.

I met a guy in line named Guy. He was wearing a JPL t-shirt and he looked like Garth from Wayne’s world. His knowledge of Star Trek: TOS was unparalleled.

I hung out with a young lady named Taylor who was dressed as Raven from Teen Titans. Never before have I met the perfect balance of geekiness and beauty.

Kevin Smith was hilarious, John Lassitar gave a great show, and of course… Pikachu.


See all of my pictures here.


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One response to “Comic Con 2009

  1. Haha, thanks Nan. You just think I’m cool because I like all the same bizarro crap you do. And there’s a reason why they call them the _Teen_ Titans…

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